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Learn something new about your dental care!

Learn something new about preventative dental care.

Preventative dental is not just a message we teach and share with our patients.  It’s one we live by as well.

Recently, Dr Mark’s creative wife Angela, took his push bike to the bike workshop for some TLC.  Angela was surprised by what she learned from Alex from 99 Bikes at 579 Kessels Rd, MacGregor.

The big take away?  Caring for your bike is a lot like caring for your teeth: code for prevention is way better than cure.

Check out the video and what Alex has to say about prevention.

With dental care, value prevention over all else.

Caring for teeth is really simple if you stick to the one golden rule.  Commit to a prevention approach.

It’s well known that a regimen of good oral hygiene – brushing, flossing, AND getting along to your regular Hygiene Visit every six months – will prevent serious dental issues emerging.

And actually – it’s the same for anything that we use regularly – as we heard from Alex, who recently worked on Dr Mark’s bike.  If we’re using something regularly, like our teeth or bike, it needs periodic focused care and attention, just like Dr Mark’s bike.

Angela (and Dr Mark!) learned that bike chains need to be lubricated with bike milk after roughly every hundred kilometres or after every ride while the chain is warm to keep gear teeth healthy (who knew?!).  

It’s the same for our teeth if we want to enjoy them at every age and stage of life. Regular preventative dental care, which includes that all important Hygiene Visit every six months, makes all the difference and will ensure your teeth (and bike) go the distance.

If you haven’t already, book in for your next dental Hygiene Visit with Dental as Anything now.  You’ll be happy you did when you see yourself smile!

What do you do to look after your teeth?  Why not share your secrets here with the Dental as Anything community?

Love the video?  Share it and the message of preventative care with people you love.



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