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Dental Implants: 5 Surprising reasons they may not be right for you

Dental implants might seem an obvious choice when a tooth is damaged, broken, or has been removed completely. It may surprise you to learn however, dental implants are not always the wisest choice. Now, there’s no doubt dentistry is a wonderful profession for helping people. As someone who’s practised for over 35 years, I’ve enjoyed

Mouth breathing, snoring and kids: the connection and why it’s important

Mouth breathing, snoring and kids are not things we typically connect with each other, but it does happen, and more frequently than you think.Aside from normal snoring, which might occur if a child is sick or very tired, persistent snoring in children is not normal. By persistent we mean habitual snoring that happens on four

When is Myobrace a good idea for straightening kids teeth?

Myobrace: The no-braces approach to beautiful straight teeth and good facial development for kids Looking for Myobrace? Gold Coast parents have the solution at their fingertips. Visit Dental as Anything, located in Helensvale. Myobrace treatment options are available for children. Why not book a completely obligation free appointment and give your child beautiful straight teeth

Invisalign or invisible braces is it worth it? A Gold Coast dentist views

Interest in Gold Coast Invisalign and invisible braces is reaching new levels as more people come to understand the benefits of teeth straightening.  At Dental as Anything, we’re happy about that, because as advocates for anyone who is ready to invest in themselves with a treatment of Invisalign, or what many call invisible braces, we’re

A dentist’s view on prevention

It may seem somewhat self-serving for a dentist to be sharing his personal views on prevention, after all it works in my favour if my patients adhere to the prevention principle, right? I get it. Undoubtedly, there is economic value for a dental practice in the age old maxim ‘prevention is better than cure’, but

Are dentures right for you?

Let’s start the “are dentures right for you?” question by asking a couple more questions. Have you ever suffered the discomfort of having lost or damaged teeth AND then lived with the embarrassment afterwards of a gap in your smile and an uncomfortable bite? Maybe you even felt uncomfortable just smiling. Are you carrying the

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