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Dental as Anything stylin’ is random acts of kindness

Dental as Anything? Random acts of kindness?  Who does them? How long since you were on the receiving end of one?

Is it just a tired, old cliche?  Or could a random act of kindness be a genuine opportunity to connect with another human, just because?

These are questions we contemplated at Dental as Anything recently and when we put our heads together, some surprising things happened.

Want to know what they were?  Check out our latest video capturing the team’s random act of “Rose Giving” in the local Helensvale community.

What’s funny and most endearing are the looks of surprise on people’s faces as they realise a ‘stranger’ is gifting them a gorgeous orange rose, together with a lovely message on a card…. just because they can.

Random acts of kindness….why do them?

Why?  It’s simple; because they’re necessary.  

They are necessary because they keep us connected to ourselves and to others.  

And right now, we need more connection, not in a I-have-multiple-devices connection way, but in the I’m-human-and-nice-to-know-you-care kind of way.

It’s pure fact that for many of us, busy, demanding and non-stop lives are just how it is.  

Regardless of the age or stage we’re at, we’re frequently pulled in multiple (and competing) directions and it’s this frenetic pace and pressure that leaves us feeling drained, stale, and jaded.  

The serious downside?  We end up being substantially less tolerant of fellow humans, even our nearest and dearest, as we allow the busy-ness of life to take over.

Quite simply it feels like there isn’t enough time or space to think about anyone else…unless we absolutely have to, right?

Well, not being people or a business who follow the crowd, the Dental as Anything crew changed up their regular weekly team meeting by once again hitting the local Helensvale streets, bringing with them some beautiful (and brightly orange) random acts of kindness.

And we did it for no other reason than because we can.  And because we’ve seen what a big difference a little kindness can make.

Actually, we’re witness to that difference every day when our patients come see us.  

Laying back in a treatment chair, a person can feel vulnerable, and our team is highly tuned to the fact that it can be a very emotional experience as well.  Often that emotion has nothing at all to do with their dental treatment.  Frequently, it’s just life itself that leaves a person feeling overwhelmed.  

Does dental practice equate to kindness?

For us at Dental as Anything, the answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes’!

Our approach is pretty simple.  For us it’s is all about how we look after our patients.  While they’re with us, for just a short period of time during a visit, we make sure they experience kindness.  From the first greeting to the patients we walk to the car, kindness is part of what we do.

Does it make a difference?  We think so.

Our patients tell us Dental as Anything is one of the few places they feel appreciated and valued.  It leaves us in no doubt that a random act of kindness goes a long way to healing and happiness.

Share your own random act of kindness here.  Have you had a kindness experience lately that restored your faith in humanity?  We’d love to hear it.

Why not make someone’s day and carry out your own act of kindness.  Or share our video and inspire someone else to. 


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