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Hygiene Clean

What’s a hygiene visit?

It’s a question we get asked a lot, so we figured we’d better answer it.

While the Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment (COHA) is available to every new adult patient, for some people, it can be a dental bridge too far. Maybe they’re anxious. Maybe they don’t like dentists (we think it’s only because they haven’t met Dr Mark!). Or maybe they’re concerned about cost. We understand.  If you’re this person, we’ll recommend a hygiene visit. The good news is: it doesn’t sound scary because it isn’t.

A hygiene visit means we work with you, no matter where you’re at.  It also means we can live by our 'Teeth. For Life.' philosophy because we make prevention and maintenance your friend.

Our lovely hygienists will:

  • Understand from you what’s been going on healthwise to assess how this may be impacted by your oral health
  • Do a full check of your teeth and gums
  • Do a full clean
  • Make recommendations for ongoing care
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