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Payment Options

We provide a number of payment options

We don't expect dental emergencies so paying for treatment can sometimes be a challenge. This is why we offer payment options. Signing up is easy. We divide the cost of your treatment over an agreed time depending on which financial institution you go with. This helps you to take care of your cashflow as well as your teeth. These payment options are suited to anyone who needs immediate treatment, but wants to manage the cost of treatment, while still balancing their other expenses.

Call our Patient Care Coordinators to discuss your best finance option
Call our Patient Care Coordinators to discuss your best finance option

GEM Visa

GEM Visa is a 0% interest credit card offering payment plans that allow you to buy the things you need now - like more expensive dental treatment - but with longer to pay, using flexible payment options catered to suit your budget.

The GEM Visa option is recommended for patients who require dental treatment that is a high priority, but will cost them somewhere between $1,500 and $5,000.If can be very distressing knowing that you require major dental work, and using GEM Visa is an option that provides more choice for our patients who want to do everything they can to achieve their best oral health. And the bonus with GEM Visa? We pay your interest for you. That’s right, for the term of your payment plan, Dental as Anything foots your interest bill.

If you would like more information about GEM Visa, speak to one of our staff and they will help guide you through the application process while you’re sitting in our waiting room.How convenient is that?

Call our Patient Care Coordinators to discuss your best finance option


The healthy payment option.

Our goal is to remove the barriers to people completing important dental treatment. That goals has led us on a search for finance alternatives. zipMoney is one solution we’ve found that works. It is a simple and secure way to access a virtual line of credit and pay for treatment without a credit card. The bonus? Funds are interest free.

zipMoney has some great features:

  • Access account limits up to $30,000 in five minutes
  • Zero paperwork, easy mobile application in clinic or at home
  • Receive minimum six months interest free on each invoice
  • Set weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments in your online account
  • To pay the clinic, simply sign into your account and authorise the invoice
  • Cover all future treatments with zipMoney as there’s no account expiry date.
Interested and want to know more?

Head over to zipMoney and check out the details yourself, or talk to one of our friendly team who can guide you through the process

Find out more here


We recognise treatment fees can often cause people to delay, or never complete, much needed treatment that can make a real difference to the oral and physical health. We now offer patients now have access to SuperCare.

SuperCare is a way patients can fund more expensive dental and orthodontic treatment. Accessing early release of superannuation for the purpose of addressing immediate dental needs is just another way Dental as Anything helps patients to overcome financial hurdles to necessary treatment.

Here’s how it works: an individual can apply to access their super to pay for treatment for themselves, their partner or children. The application can be made fo funding to cover the entire cost of the procedure or just part of the cost.
Learn more about Supercare’s funding application process for dental surgical procedures, such as orthodontics, implants, root canals, crowns, periodontal, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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