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White Fillings

White Fillings

What do you need to know?

At Dental as Anything, we have a modern alternative to traditional unsightly amalgam fillings.

While metal restorations may many beneficial qualities, they cannot be altered to match your tooth shade, making it obvious that you’ve had dental work done. By contrast, composite and porcelain fillings more closely match your natural tooth shade.

Is there a downside to metal?

Metal fillings are composed of mercury, silver, and other metals. These metals respond to changes in temperature, expanding with heat and contracting when exposed to cold.

These changes can lead to enamel damage, not only compromising the function of the tooth, but also making the tooth structure more vulnerable to decay and possibly fracture. Teeth damaged by old fillings may require a porcelain crown to restore their strength if fracture of the supporting dentine has occurred.

There is a better alternative.

In the past, dentists have relied upon gold because it is strong and durable, however it is aesthetically less appealing because it does not blend in to the natural look of teeth. With advancements in technology, white fillings, porcelain crowns and bridges no longer need to be made of gold or mercury amalgam.

The good news is, your old metal fillings can be replaced with stronger, safer, and more visually appealing ceramic restorations. Dr Miller is highly experienced at metal filling removal and replacement to help you create the kind of beautiful smile you can feel good about. Replacing your mercury-silver fillings with beautiful, natural looking tooth strengthening porcelain will give you fantastic results.

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