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Men’s Health

Are you man enough to love your men’s health?

Join us as we reinvent dental. For men.

As dentists, we know that when it comes to self-care, females tend to do a better job than men.

By contrast – generally - men tend to avoid, ignore, deny. Especially when it comes to dental care.

Hey, I’m man enough. Book my appointment.
Hey, I’m man enough. Book my appointment.

Dental as Anything is putting the challenge out to men everywhere

We’re on a mission to help men love looking after their dental health. We’re working to get 100,000 Australian men to man up and visit their dentist by 2020.

If you’re a man, stop avoiding the dentist and check this out:

  • Your diet could be causing serious long term health problems like obesity, diabetes and heart disease
  • Habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol and high sugar foods and drinks could lead to silent, stealthy disease like gingivitis and oral cancer
  • Regular dental hygiene checks are a first line of defence in maintaining overall good health
  • A typical visit to the dentist is faster and way less painful than a gym session!

The bottom line is – good oral health care saves men’s lives. That means yours too.

Why wait to man up?

Now is the perfect time to get your dental man mojo on.

Booking an appointment is easy - we even call you. Request a call back and you’ll be on the way great men’s health.

Want to save other men’s lives? Then please share this page with men everywhere you care about.

I’m helping men love their health

Dental as Anything

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