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The no-braces approach to beautiful straight teeth and good facial development for kids

Developed by Australia, Myobrace uses orthodontic techniques to address poor oral habits that cause crooked teeth. It is an alternative approach to managing crowding problems in children.

One of the big benefits of the Myobrace system is kids’ treatment can start early. The benefit of early interception is that it’s possible to take a more natural approach to straightening teeth. This is because Myobrace technology can work with a child’s natural growth and biology. Myobrace is based on correcting poor oral habits and patterns associated with poor jaw development and incorrect positioning of teeth. By approaching teeth straightening this way, it may be possible to avoid traditional braces in the future.

The possibility of avoiding or reducing treatment down the track definitely warrants an investigation of Myobrace as a treatment option for children between the ages of six to ten years.

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Myobrace FAQ

Why is Myobrace a good option for early inceptive treatment?

While braces are recognised as the most efficient way to move teeth, there are other options to considered if treatment is commenced early.

We call this preventive or interceptive treatment. It involves addressing the habits and jaw function that contribute to poor jaw development and crooked teeth. The younger a child is treated, the sooner issues can be addressed, and the greater the potential serious orthodontic problems can be avoided in future.

How do I know if my child could benefit from Myobrace?

Your child may benefit from Myobrace treatment if they:

  • Mouth breathe
  • Were bottle fed
  • Dummy or thumb suck
  • Experience tongue ties
  • Have a history of prematurity, feeding problems or low muscle tone.

The best way to assess if your child is a candidate for treatment is to visit your Myobrace trained dentist for an assessment. Your dentist will determine if the muscles of the mouth and face are developing resting postures and functional patterns causing growth and development associated with orthodontic problems.

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