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Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces.

Teeth straightening has become a real option for adults who have long endured the embarrassment and discomfort of crooked teeth. Dr Mark researched widely about the options before finally deciding he would offer Invisalign braces treatment to patients wanted to correct their teeth.

Invisalign is a technology that uses clear, plastic aligners to gently move teeth into a more attractive and healthier position, using computerised, custom-designed precision treatment. While Invisalign isn’t an option for everyone, if it is, there are many benefits to be enjoyed.


Invisalign is ideal if you…

Have avoided straightening your teeth because it meant having a mouth full of metal and enduring sharp metal edges that can cut the tongue or lips.Want to maintain your teeth cleaning regime, without worrying about deterioration in your teeth. Don’t want to make multiple visits to the orthodontist for tightening.

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What we do

Dr Miller starts the process by evaluating your smile’s health and appearance during our unique Smile Consult. Using digital x-rays and a full evaluation, Dr Miller will outline your orthodontic options.

Once you get the green light and you’ve decided to proceed, Dr Miller uses 3D computer imaging technology to design your (perfect!) smile. These 3D smile details are then used to create the customer aligners in a complex manufacturing process. After the initial fitting, you will visit us every four weeks for a new set of two aligners. During these visits we also check the progress of your teeth straightening and make any necessary adjustments.
We get all kinds of questions about Invisalign, but here are just a few.

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