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Dentist Helensvale - Gold Coast

Teeth. For Life.

Let’s take a dental journey together, in a super comfortable chair, at our Gold Coast dental clinic. We’ll get to the root of your dental concerns and help you understand how your oral health is shaping up.

In demand dental. Our turn to shine.

Dental treatments are as unique as every patient, but some Dental as Anything services are always in demand and allow us to truly shine. Check them out here.

Rated Amongst Top 3 Best Cosmetic Dentists in Gold Coast


Your Family Dental Practice Helensvale

At Dental As Anything, we offer exceptional dental treatments with a smile. From general dental to cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening, we see patients of all ages and stages of life.Payment plans are available.

Three Simple Steps

  • One
    Monitor your oral health
  • Two
    Identify your risk factors
  • Three
    Treat disease & maintain health

Dental as Anything has reinvented dental

We commit to possibilities

We understand no patient is the same, just as no budget is the same. Regardless of where you’re at financially, we respect your commitment to your oral health. Working with you we find ways to help you realise your objectives, whether it’s through a phased treatment plan or optional finance. Possibility is part of our ethos.

We love to smile

We work hard at smiles – yours and ours. When you’re happy, we are too. You can be confident in our Smile Guarantee because it means we back up what we do.

We see families

Ever felt like family visits to the dentist are off limits? Not here. Why? Because when you visit us, you’re visiting family. Ours! The Dental as Anything team is well, just so lovely! It’s our business to make every member of your family welcome, every visit.

We invest in knowledge

Benjamin Franklin said:
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. At Dental as Anything, we agree wholeheartedly. We believe our duty of care to you includes providing information that educates, empowers and leads to wise investments in your oral health. For life.

We put you ahead of the game

Our big driver is raising your awareness about your own oral health. Why? Because we know that prevention is way better than cure when it come to keeping your 'Teeth. For Life.'

We get you

Fearful of visiting the dentist? We get you. By listening to our patients, we have put in place a tonne of good things that have re­invented dental. Want movies? Check. Looking for personal service? Tick. Like to understand what’s going on in your mouth? Can do. We’ll even hold your hand, if necessary.

Good as News

Smile Guarantee

A previous negative experience at the dentist can really wipe the smile from your face. Dental as Anything understands this completely and offers every patient a Smile Guarantee.

8.30 AM – 5.00 PM 9.00 AM – 7.00 PM 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM 7.00 AM – 3.00 PM 8.00 AM – 3.00 PM CLOSED CLOSED

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