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Dental Exam – COHA

Our dental exam is known as the Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment

We love it because it puts dental back where it belongs. In your hands

A Dental as Anything dental exam - otherwise known as the Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment (COHA) - is ideal for any person who:

  • Is tired of walking in the great “Dental Unknown” and having no clear idea about their oral health
  • Wants clear guidance that’s given with their best interests at heart
  • Hasn’t seen the dentist in a while and needs a reset
  • Would love to feel good about their teeth and smile
  • Wants to take a preventive approach to the oral health.

If that’s you, let’s book you in.

Yes, I want to feel good about my teeth and smile. Book me in!
Yes, I want to feel good about my teeth and smile. Book me in!

What’s involved in the Dental as Anything COHA?

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The Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment - or the COHA - is Dental as Anything’s signature service.

Hand on heart, we know it does good things for our patients.

Who performs the COHA?

We bring out the full team to deliver the COHA.

Our front office team, our dentist, treatment coordinator and chairside assistant are all involved, with each bringing their own special insights to your dental health.

What happens in the COHA?

Here’s how we roll. In the COHA, we:

  • Take time to listen and understand your needs, concerns and goals.
  • Hear about your previous dental experiences and the impact they’ve had. This is how we build our relationship with you, before we start any work.
  • Take x-rays and images so we can assess above and below the surface.
  • Assess your jaw joint and screen the gums for potential bad bacteria.
  • Develop a personalised treatment plan that looks at what you need right now AND the big picture for down the track.
  • Explain it to you ­in detail, in language you understand, face to face.

How do you know if a COHA is for you?

You know a COHA is for you if you want:

  • Relief (usually lots of it)
  • Confidence that finally you’ve received guidance from a dentist who will walk your dental health journey with you
  • Absolutely no pain at all! Would you believe pain free dental treatment is possible?
  • To be pleasantly surprised. We had to include this one because most patients walk away surprised (in a good way) about the number of their options. We work with you to discover what would suit you best.
  • Peace of mind because you have a deeper understanding of what your dental needs are, now and in the future.
  • Feel connected and appreciated.
Seeing your dentist shouldn’t be a cold, clinical experience. When you visit the team at Dental as Anything, we do everything we can to help you feel cared for, relaxed and comfortable.

The Dental as Anything COHA

Sounds like my next move.

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