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Kids Dental

Kid friendly….. and lovin’ it

Dentists can be scary places for grown ups, but for kids, the experience can be even more daunting. White masks, bright lights and chairs that move. Eeekk! Sounds like a horror movie, doesn’t it? At Dental as Anything, kids get special treatment.

Our practice is set up to make kids feel good about the dentist. With toys, books, movies, balloons and plenty of other activities, it’s a fun, learning environment from the moment they arrive.


Working with Dr Mark, our team of hygienists combine a gentle, friendly, and genuinely caring approach that takes the anxiety out of a visit to the dentist. Our aim is to set them up for life: to love and protect their teeth. Just as we do for all our patients, we apply all our best technologies to caring for your kids’ teeth.


Digital imaging, laser decay detection, and radiation free decay detection are all used to provide the best oral health outcome for them.

Dental as Anything

We’ve got your back!

Ever noticed you can tell your kids something a hundred times and they still don’t listen? Ahh, yes! We have too.

That’s why we back up our kids’ parents and carers by getting kids to understand the need to protect teeth from future damage and having to undergo treatment for issues that are common for kids, like fissure sealants and fillings.

Finding kids dental costs a challenge?

Did you know your child may be eligible for the Federal Government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule? If you’re not eligible, you might also want to consider our financing options.

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