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Sleep Apnoea

Is sleep apnoea keeping you awake at night?

Then let us help restore your sleep

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - or OSA - is a condition that occurs when a person’s airway is repeatedly obstructed during sleep. Occurring when the tongue and airway-muscles relax, sleep apnoea is commonly associated with snoring. Other typical symptoms include:

  • Waking unrefreshed
  • Daytime tiredness
  • Waking during the night, choking or gasping for air

The big deal about sleep apnoea is many people don’t know they have the condition. What’s worse, they don’t realise how serious it is.

People suffering with sleep apnoea are at a higher risk of death and heart disease, regardless of the severity of the disease, age or history of heart problems.

What’s the good news about sleep apnoea?

Your dentist can help to reduce your health risk with correct treatment. Dental as Anything offer a range of treatment solutions for sleep apnoea, including oral and dental appliances.

We will work with you to formulate a treatment solution that works and restore peaceful sleep to your life again. If sleep apnoea is an issue for you, or you think it could be, let’s talk.

I want to discuss my treatment options
I want to discuss my treatment options

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