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The MOST IMPORTANT 5 Dental Hygiene Tips

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene is the most ask questions of dentists. Here are the most important dental prevention activities to focus on. Prevention is far better than fixing the resulting problems at the other end.


The MOST IMPORTANT 5 Dental Hygiene Tips Transcript:

Hi everyone, Dr. Mark here again, thought I’d give you some tips for dental hygiene. I get this asked a lot at work and these are the things I think that are important for you to actually look at and focus on in your life, so that things can be always better for you and not worse. We often see a whole lot of things that are kind of tending to be worse and we want to prevent those things. We’re into prevention, rather than to fix you at the other end we’d rather prevent things first.

So here’s some tips for you. One is to brush after every meal. Now I know people are busy, I know they want to eat and run, but ideally if you can, you keep the mouth clean all the time. That’s your goal. If you can wait 10 minutes after you’ve eaten foods, the foods is acidic and sometimes that wears on the enamel. So you want just the normal buffering of the mouth to actually come into effect first before we brush. So if you wait 10 minutes after you’ve eaten just to brush, that would be perfect.

Second one and my big one is to floss once a day. And I know you’re saying, “I hate it.” But honestly, I saw a guy this week and he’s got inflamed gums everywhere, and if he was flossing, that wouldn’t be the case. So flossing is amazing at prevention. If you’re not quite sure how to do that, we’ll do that in another video. But just the overall view is to floss once a day.

Third thing is snacks, and in our lifestyle these days we tend to grab and run and eat and do things like that. And I think that’s great if you can just grab some food if you need it. But these things are your demons, sweet drinks, sugary foods, snacks, Jatz biscuits, things that get caught between your teeth. They provide a beautiful acidic environment to all the bugs that can cause decay in your mouth. So if you can avoid them in between meals, that would be great or if you want to eat them, you want to eat the sweets, have your meal, eat the sweets, and then brush your teeth, it would be great.

Fourth one is just focus on alkaline foods like vegetables rather than acidic foods. If you are in an… In your mouth that is alkaline, you can’t get decay. It just doesn’t happen. So you need an acidic environment for decay to happen. So please lend more towards those things.

And last thing is smoking. And while smoking doesn’t necessarily cause a lot of teeth decay problems, I see a lot of gum related problems and gum related problems, in another video, we’ll talk about how that affects your whole body and your system. But if you can avoid smoking, not only will you live longer, your mouth will thank you for it. Okay, so everyone have a great day and thank you.

Together with the Dental as anything team, Dr Mark Miller has been caring for the local Helensvale and broader Gold Coast community for over thirty years. With a kind and understanding heart, he takes a thoughtful approach to treating the elderly members of the Dental as anything patient community. Book a time to discuss your needs today. (07) 5573-0188 or email us on welcome@dentalasanything.com.au



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