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When is Myobrace a good idea for straightening kids teeth?

Myobrace: The no-braces approach to beautiful straight teeth and good facial development for kids

Looking for Myobrace? Gold Coast parents have the solution at their fingertips. Visit Dental as Anything, located in Helensvale. Myobrace treatment options are available for children. Why not book a completely obligation free appointment and give your child beautiful straight teeth for life.

Is Myobrace the next big thing?

When you’ve been in practice as long as I have – more than 30 years – you learn to be cautious about every new technology that is released onto the market. This is particularly true when it holds the promise of good things in the way that Myobrace does. I’m a dentist after all, and with preventative care a cause very close to my heart, I feel it pays to take care. Like all good clinicians, I’m quick to scrutinise anything that affects my patients; in some ways even more so when it affects our younger dental family members. If you’re curious and want to know more about our thoughts on Myobrace, you can watch this video where we touch on some of the benefits.
I’m pleased to report that even if Myobrace isn’t the next big thing as the question asks, it is proving to be more than a passing fad in treatment of crooked teeth and other issues affecting facial development in children.

What is Myobrace? Gold Coast parents want to know!

Myobrace is a no-braces approach to straightening teeth and jaws. Developed in Australia, Myobraces use myofunctional orthodontic techniques to address poor oral habits that cause crooked teeth.
One of the most significant benefits of the system is you can start early with your child’s treatment. By intercepting early, it’s possible to take a more natural approach to straightening teeth. This is because Myobrace technology makes it possible to work with a child’s natural growth and biology.
By approaching the straightening of teeth this way, you may avoid having to invest in traditional braces in future. Anyone who’s been through the challenge of extensive orthodontic treatment will tell you this is worth considering. What’s my opinion on this? Because prevention’s my thing, the possibility of avoiding or reducing treatment down the track definitely warrants an investigation of Myobrace as a treatment option for children between the ages of six to ten years.

How does Myobrace work?

Myobrace works by addressing poor oral habits that cause crooked teeth, including habits like mouth breathing and having the incorrect tongue position.
Mouth breathing stops the normal growth pattern. The lower jaw moves backwards and results in poor tongue and muscle posture. This gives a narrow upper arch and cross bites. The result is poor craniofacial growth.
MB allows unfiltered air into the body. This gives increased upper respiratory tract infections and inflamed adenoids and tonsils.
This increased volume of air results in decreased CO2 levels. This increases muscle tension and excitability and can be misdiagnosed as ADHD. It can also show as disturbed sleep,snoring,teeth grinding, bed wetting and asthma.

Perhaps you’ve noticed these in your child but haven’t thought too much about it, but I’m here to let you know that if allowed to continue, they can cause your child issues in future. Early correction of seemingly small issues can save your child from a lifetime of dental (and other) health issues as an adult.
Myobrace is different to traditional braces and straightening treatment in that it does not require a 24/7 application. Instead, Myobrace works by the patient wearing a removable appliance for one or two hours throughout the day, and at night while sleeping. Wearing the appliance according to this protocol, together with undertaking a series of activities to improve the breathing and muscle patterns of your child, and correcting the tongue position, can help to improve alignment of the teeth.

How do I know if my child needs Myobrace?

Now we’ve introduced Myobrace into our own practice, this is a question we’re being asked by parents, so we should clear that up too.
The best thing to do is see your regular dentist or oral health therapist for a comprehensive check because that’s the way to gain a clear understanding of whether your child might benefit from Myobrace treatment.
Before you go ahead and make that appointment, you can also look out for whether your child is breathing through their mouth, grinding teeth at night while sleeping, and if they have crooked teeth. These are all indicators your child might benefit from the Myobrace system.

A final word on Myobrace

We are really pleased to offer Myobrace at Dental as Anything on the Gold Coast. Myobrace is a preventative approach to oral health care and is another way we’re staying true to our philosophy of Teeth. For life.
Want to know more? Call (07) 5573-0188 to book a Myobrace appointment today.

At Dental as Anything, located on the Gold Coast, Myobrace is offered as a special dental treatment option for children who are breathing through their mouth, grinding teeth at night while sleeping, and have crooked teeth. Together with his wife Angela and the broader Dental as Anything team, they are supporting families in Helensvale, Southport, Oxenford, Hope Island, Pacific Pines, Coomera and Upper Coomera to enjoy their very best dental experience. The team is committed to nurturing an enduring relationship with you and your children, including those who require additional support through treatments like Myobrace. Ready now? Phone 5573 0188 or contact us via email.

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