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Dental Emergency: We are still open!

Do you have a dental emergency? Unlike some other Gold Coast and Helensvale Dental practices …we are open to help you with your dental emergency. Dr Mark (Miller) continues to stay in touch with us.

Giving some old fashioned reassurance, coupled with some ‘dental tips’ on how to best support your dental health.

We are here for you!


Hi everyone, its Dr. Miller again. Just thought I’d reach out to you and chat to you about COVID-19.

A lot of people are in uncertainty, and in fear and some people are bored out of their brain. I just want to let you know that this time, this too, will pass. We will get back to normal and life will be good, again.

The other thing that, in fear, sometimes if you really allow that to manifest in yourself, then you need to actually go against that and try to do things that are loving for other people. So, think of others. Try to think of ways you can help other people during this time. And with the boredom maybe, hey, try to use your day constructively. Get some yard work done. My wife’s really happy that I’m doing a lot of yard work for her, so, you know, it’s looking better .

For myself, I’m using this as an opportunity to catch up on some office work. To a bit more meditating. To spend time with my wife and just organizing some team training for our team which is great. But we’re here to support you in this situation.

A lot of practices are totally closed and I want to let you know that we’re open for your Dental Emergency.

Open, even if it’s not an Dental Emergency.

Open, to chat to you.

Open, to support you and help you in any way we can. Which is even further above dental.

We’ve posted some videos on dental hygiene tips and dental triage for a Dental Emergency. So if you want to go have a look at those that can help you as well. But the main thing I want to know is, just if you need to reach out, reach out to us, either by the phone or by the website on the chat line there. And I can contact you or we’ll call you back and chat to you. So we’re here for you. Thank you.

Current COVID-19 stats HERE 


Dr Mark Miller has been caring for the local Helensvale and broader Gold Coast community for over thirty years. Together with the Dental as Anything team, he takes a preventive care approach to teeth and oral health. His philosophy is that teeth are for life. No matter where you are in life, we’ll help you understand how to achieve the very best in dental treatment and oral health outcomes. Ready to feel your best? Let’s book a time for you to chat with one of our team. Call 5573 0188 or email us on welcome@dentalasanything.com.au.


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