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Teeth whitening: The No. 1 dental tip for loving your smile

Teeth whitening

On the Gold Coast? Teeth whitening on your mind?

It makes sense, right?

Since forever, ‘the Goldie’ has been synonymous with teeth whitening. You know, the big ear-to-ear smiles and bronzed skin? I think we can agree it’s a cliché we’re all familiar with.

Gold Coast locals, regardless of their age and stage in life, have invested in a bright, white smile. Why? For the simple fact it does wonders for confidence – on the inside and out.

Because here’s a fun fact about teeth whitening you should know.

Whitening teeth isn’t just about the whiteness or brightness. 

No, it’s as much (we think more) about building a person up from the inside out using a relatively cost effective cosmetic dental solution.

Let dive into this in more detail because if teeth whitening is on your self-care agenda this year, then it’s best to be armed with the facts.  

Helensvale dentist’s wife reveals all

My wife jokes with me a lot (she frequently laughs at me not with me).

She has said many times that as a dentist’s wife, you have some funny conversations with people.  And teeth whitening is almost always part of them.

Hardly dinner party material, I find these conversations head into dental details that might best be kept for their next visit to their dentist.

This is because it’s common for people, when they find out you’re the wife of a dentist, to become immediately very self-conscious about their teeth. Usually the conversation will involve hands over mouths, mumblings about imperfections and lamentations about what they should have done.

I understand this. Totally.

As a child and teenager, before I happily began caring for my wife’s dental health, I know she felt the same way. 

I think you know what I mean when I say, they have a personal self-conscious teeth moment or two. So I can relate when someone doesn’t feel good about what they see and wants to do something about it.

Which leads me to the question…

Why does the conversation around ‘doing something about it’ (as in the way a person’s teeth look and how they feel about how they look) almost always starts with teeth whitening?

Because it’s not often that a person who wants to invest in dental work starts with the most complex treatment. The simple fact is teeth whitening is an easy, less daunting, and affordable option for people who want to love their smile a little more.

Thankfully, the days of teeth whitening being the sole domain of celebrities and Gold Coast retirees are well and truly over. Teeth whitening is an option even if you’re not starring in the next series of The Bachelor and don’t want to take out a second mortgage.

The truth is, teeth whitening has come a long way. 

There are many solutions and at Dental as Anything we offer choices that help our patients achieve their teeth whitening objectives.

Teeth whitening results: whiter and a bit brighter

Teeth whitening Helensvale? Easy, affordable and accessible for anyone who wants it.

If you’re the kind of person who needs instant gratification, you may find in-chair teeth whitening works best for you. Requiring between an hour and 90 minutes of your time in a single sitting at your dentist, patients can enjoy the benefits of brighter, whiter teeth and someone else doing the work.

Others may prefer the take home whitening packs, which require more time (daily applications usually over two weeks), but yield equally positive results: a whiter smile you love that adds to your confidence.

We offer a range of teeth whitening solutions at Dental as Anything and have done for over 20 years. What’s great about that? We know what works.

Why whiten your teeth?

There are many reasons patients come to us for teeth whitening, but my answer to this question is simple. 

Whitening your teeth is one of the most cost effective and enduring ways a patient can improve the appearance of their teeth. It does not involve surgery, serious discomfort or time out from life.

Yes, it’s an aesthetic exercise, undertaken by many with the end goal of a big white smile shining out in the snapshots of big life events (weddings, formals, significant birthdays). But more than, teeth whitening is a fabulous and relatively inexpensive way to value you.

Actually, what we find is that for many patients, whitening teeth becomes the start of ‘something’. With newly white teeth checked off, these patients look at caring for themselves ‘dentally’ in a new light. And we love that. With dental health one of the best indicators of overall health, taking good dental care is one of the kindest self-care moves a person can make.

Is teeth whitening for you?

The best way to know if teeth whitening is for you? Reach out to us now on (07) 5573-0188 and while you’re on the phone, book in for a consultation to discuss the whitening option that suits you best.

Learn more about teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental treatments that will give you more reasons to love your smile

Dr Mark Miller is the principal dentist at a Gold Coast dentist serving the community in Helensvale, Southport, Oxenford, Hope Island, Pacific Pines, Coomera and Upper Coomera. Together with his wife Angela, and the broader team, they are committed to supporting their patient family with dental care that makes a difference. Whether you have a fear of the dentist, or have put off making an appointment, or simply want to invest in whitening your smile, now is the perfect time to visit us. Working to the philosophy that preventive care is ‘the way’, the Dental as Anything team will walk with you every step of your journey to a better relationship with your dentist or hygienist – and your own teeth and oral health. Ready now? Phone 5573 0188 or email us on welcome@dentalasanything.com.au

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