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Why do people think dental crowns are a good idea?

One of the most satisfying aspects of my practice is working together with patients to craft a solution they are not only happy with, but a solution that also meets their needs, works, and makes a difference. Dental crowns often fit the bill.

The greatest opportunity for doing this satisfying work comes with patients who face the challenge of teeth whose function is diminished, or who feel embarrassed and uncomfortable about the appearance of their teeth.

Actually, this is the work I enjoy most.

In many instances, dental crowns and bridges are part of broader long term solutions we offer our patients.

Both provide protection and a natural appearance to a smile and are perfect if you are looking to:

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  • Restore or improve function and stability to teeth if they are cracked, broken, decayed or have undergone root canal work
  • Enhance your smile
  • Chew and bite normally

If you can relate to any or all these scenarios and are curious about whether crowns might work for you, then read on.

Dental crowns are a good idea when you need to treat missing, discoloured or damaged teeth

Life happens and there are times when our teeth bear the brunt of that impact.

Crowns can be used to treat missing, discoloured or damaged teeth that may require restorative and cosmetic enhancement.

They are a good option if you are looking to:

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    • Replace a large filling where there is very limited natural tooth remaining




  • Cover a discoloured, misshaped, or decayed tooth
  • Attach a bridge
  • Cover a tooth after root canal treatment

In simple terms, a crown is essentially a thin porcelain layer that can be slopped over your natural tooth – very much like a helmet – that is used to protect your head to repair decay and improve the appearance of your tooth.

Crowns are made especially for you and are created to match the colour and shape of your remaining teeth.

Front tooth crowns are usually made of porcelain, which can be colour matched exactly to teeth, including their texture and translucency.

Back teeth may be crowned with porcelain or stronger alloys of gold or metal, or acrylic or ceramic.

The bonus with crowns is that technology has advanced such that same day crowns are now a viable option for patients choosing this treatment.

Since introducing this service at Dental as Anything, we have seen patients benefiting enormously from the convenience and flexibility it provides.

Using the E4D CAD-CAM crown system, incorporating a 3D scanner and computer software, we have the capability to design and create crowns in a single visit.

But Dr Mark, what about bridges? Aren’t they kind of the same thing?

Well, yes and no.

By contrast, a bridge can replace one or more missing teeth. If gaps are left from missing teeth, remaining teeth can move, rotate and shift, and the result can be an imbalanced or poorly functioning bite.

Is this a big deal? Absolutely!

This can eventually cause gum disease and jaw instability.

Bridges span the space created by the missing teeth. They are secured to the natural teeth on either side of a missing tooth and hold the prosthetic tooth in position.

Additionally, the actual process for placement is also a little more complicated than for a single crown.

A bridge can safeguard your smile against drifting teeth, which may shift to fill gaps left by losing a tooth.

Here are some other facts about porcelain bridges you might find interesting. Bridges are:

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  • A suitable alternative to dental implants
  • More stable than traditional dentures
  • Replace a number of missing teeth with one treatment
  • Help regain and improve functionality (chewing and biting)
  • Ensure teeth do not move and shift to fill your smile’s missing gaps
  • Help keep the jaw’s structure in the event of tooth loss


But which one should I choose?

As you can see there are many applications for both crowns and bridges and knowing what is right for you should be considered in consultation with your dentist.

Quality crowns and bridges will last a lifetime, provided excellent oral hygiene practices are a feature of your overall personal care regime.

If you are interested in understanding more about how a crown or bridge treatment might enhance your life, be brave and take the first step.

We welcome enquiries from both existing and new patients, especially if you feel your personal circumstances are difficult.

More information about these and other treatment services is available via our website or if you prefer the personal touch, please give us a call.


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