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Good as News! Here’s how to love Spring and YOU more!

Who isn’t loving this warmer weather and brighter sunshine? Spring is such a great time of year, it’s hard not to feel good, isn’t it?

In this seasonal news, read about:

> Self-care tips that will save you during the downhill run to the end of year

> How grandparents can help kids have straighter teeth with Myobrace

> Why age is no reason not to see your dentist for your regular dental visit.

Spring self-care can save you

It’s the perfect time of year to strip away winter layers and start fresh.

While we might automatically think ‘spring clean the house’, this is also a great time to check in with our other home – our own body. And it starts with teeth and oral health – great indicators of our overall health.

As the pace of life and work accelerates in the downhill run to end of year and silly season, we’re often inclined to let important things slip, like regular Hygiene Visits.

>>>> Our big Spring self-care tip? Don’t miss your regular hygiene clean! <<<<

Instead, stick with your scheduled appointments or book one now if you’re due.

Taking timely self-care in the best way to enjoy Spring – and every other season.

** There’s no need to wait for your next dental visit. We’ve opened up more appointments with our new(ish) dentist, Dr Lauren and new Oral Health Therapist, Huti!

Book an appointment now (07) 5573-0188

Dr Lauren – Dentist

Huti – Oral Heath Therapist


How grandparents and parents can help kids get straighter teeth with Myobrace

Dr Mark is a parent of four grown up kids, he knows it takes a village to raise a child.

With many grandparents now hands-on in the care of grandchildren, we sometimes overlook their wisdom and experience because we think we’ve got ‘it’ all sorted.

The reality is, as a function of more time and space, these special people can see things busy parents miss – just because, well, life is so busy.

If you’re a grandparent, you can make a world of difference to your grandchild’s life by checking if your grandchild;

> Grinds their teeth while sleeping 

> Breathes through their mouth 

> Has crooked teeth 

If they do, they could benefit from Myobrace

Myobrace addresses the poor oral habits that cause crooked teeth. You can read about Myobrace here and come along to hear Dr Mark and Penny our Oral Health Therapist and in-house Myobrace clinician at our Free Myobrace Seminar being held.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

From 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

Our Practice Rooms

Dental as Anything

9 Sir John Overall Drive

Helensvale 4212


(07) 5573 0188

Penny our Oral Health Therapist, is with Raymond (who was the the Myobrace competition winner) who will enjoy straighter teeth. For Life.

Age is no reason to avoid the Dentist

Having operated in Helensvale for 30 years, many of our patients have become family.

Hazel, a wonderful humble individual is one such patient, which is why we were pleased to celebrate with Hazel recently.

With our chairlift installation now complete, we asked Hazel to cut the ribbon and take the inaugural chairlift ride for her recent visit.

Inability to negotiate the stairs has now been eliminated.

Dr Mark is smiling even wider than normal at the opportunity to help care for our patients.

Click on the picture above to watch our friend Hazel taking the inaugural chair lift ride.

Are you due for your regular Hygiene Visit? Book it Now

Enjoy Spring and we’ll see you soon, 

Dr Mark and the Dental as Anything Team.


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