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FLOSS IS BOSS – Dr Mark helps us mere mortals

End of financial year greetings

Is anyone else blown away by just how quickly this year has rolled around. It’s already nearing the end of June and it only seems like five minutes ago we were taking our Easter break. What?!

With the ever constant fast forward pace that is life, it’s always good to take a little time to reflect. And that’s what we’re doing with this newsletter:

⇒  Our team continues to grow and learn (and do silly stuff).

⇒  We welcomed our newest team member.

⇒  We’re making our practice more accessible with a stair life at the practice 

⇒  We revisited the basics of flossing

Around the rooms…

Anyone who visits us, knows we love to have fun in between treatments. Here’s some of the silly stuff we’ve been up to lately.

Hutika - Fun Funny Goggles Sylee and Kristal Go Origin

Hello! Meet Hutika, our new hygiene therapist

Joining us from Melbourne, we are high fiving because having Huti “H-oo-t-ee (for short) work with us means more opportunities for patient hygiene cleans.

Huti will be in the practice Tuesday and Wednesdays. This is a bonus for anyone wanting to schedule their hygiene clean after work, a convenience made possible by our longer hours every Tuesday night. (We are open until 7.00pm) 

Our newest team member

Be sure to say ‘hi’ when you’re next visiting.

A tricky question about flossing

Ask a dentist, which is better if you were left on a desert island and you had to choose between brushing and flossing, and what will he tell you?

The answer is….? Flossing.

While both brushing and flossing done together is the ideal, if you had to choose, flossing would trump brushing on every desert island.

Flossing every day is the dentist ideal (okay Dr Mark, we know you do, but what about we mortals?!). At our team training last week, Dr Mark decided a flossing re-fresh was in order, so every team member had to blaze up the floor with their flossing style.

Check out these pics of our team getting their floss on.

Flossing - Dr Mark

Dental as Anything

There’s a new chair in town!

Dental as Anything - Stair chair

We are always looking for ways to improve our patients’ experience and we’re excited to say that this month we are having a stair life installed at Dental as Anything.

This is something Dr Mark has wanted to do for a very long time and he is just a little bit (a lot, actually) excited.

We understand the stairs are not easy for everyone to traverse and we know this should never stop our patients from being able to take the best care of themselves. The stair is being installed this month and will be operating by July. If you would like assistance up the stair on your next visit, please let us know when you talk to us next.

Take care,

Dr Mark and the Dental as Anything Team


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