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Dental as ‘Easter’ thing – Newsletter

Easter time and that means new life, right?! 

Not feeling it? Let’s help you!

As the momentum of the year kicks in, it can sometimes feel like we need a re-set. On our worst days, it can even feel like it’s easier to watch our goals slip by rather than recalibrate and work on them with renewed energy.

So with Easter being the time of new life, we want to make it easier for you to hold firm to those goals, especially if they’re dental.

One of our big goals for the year has been expanding our capacity to provide more outstanding service to our patients. We’re delighted to be in a position to do that now, with two fulltime dentists and two hygiene therapists available for patient appointments.

What does that mean for you?

  • Shorter wait times
  • A choice of Physicians
  • Reaching your dental goals sooner

Men’s dental health – Our Book an Appointment Campaign

Although we don’t have vision into every patient household, we do recognise our female patients are the main appointment setters for themselves, their families and partners.

But what happens if you’re a man and your appointments not made for you? Often it can lead to avoidance and in the dental world, your avoidance can develop into costly and complex problems.

Rather than relying on someone else to magically make an appointment for you to see your dentist, why not do it yourself (we know, it’s a novel concept!).

We want to see men take better care of their health, starting with their oral health, so we’re encouraging our male patients to book an appointment.

Want to know more about our philosophy on men and dentists? Check out our latest blog – 7 Signs a man is avoiding the dentist.

You can read it >>> HERE<<< and if you know a man like this,  share our blog and have him pick up the phone

Introducing Myobrace

Watch our Video

We are always looking for more and better ways to serve our patients and this is why we’re pleased to bring Myobrace Orthodontics to our practice.

What is it? Myobrace Orthodontics is a system aimed at treating the known causes of incorrect jaw and dental development in children.  The goal of treatment is not to align the teeth primarily, but to correct the habits that are limiting the development of a child’s jaw.  As a precursor to, and sometimes eliminating the need for braces, Myobrace Orthodontics is a great way to start treatment early.

Wondering whether your child might benefit? Why not come in for a check to see if Myobrace is for them. With health funds covering some costs, you may find it more affordable than you think

And remember, we offer a range of payment options to suit all budgets. You can find out more detail on our website: http://dentalasanything.com.au/financing/

Myobrace Consultations can be claimable and if you have Orthodontic Cover some of it may be cover by your Health Fund.

Happy Easter ! 

Dr Mark and the Dental as Anything Team


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