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What Peter Cottontail! Easter already? Aren’t you sweet enough?

We know you’ve been busy these past couple of months. What, with work, school, and life generally, sometimes it’s easy to let things slip by, thinking I’ll deal with it later.

Now that might be fine sometimes, but it can get a little tricky when it comes to our dental health and decay caused by too much sugar. Our patients know we’re into prevention in a big way, so it was logical for us this [sweet] time of year to offer a cautionary Enjoy! as you tuck into that next Lindt Easter bunny.

Remember this Easter – everything in moderation.

And if you need just a little incentive to moderate the chocolate consumption, check out our recent blog about sugar consumption and the impact on dental health. It’s seriously sweet stuff. You can read it here:

dental >>> 5 Sugar Facts that Prove You’re Sweet Enough <<<

And while we’re on it, when is too much sugar….too much?

We recently caught a wonderful movie on sugar called….That Sugar Film. If you’ve ever really wondered whether you’re dentist or dental professional was selling you a story with the amount of sugar in your diet, you may want to watch That Sugar Film and think again.

Better still, watch it with your kids and then witness the light bulb moments. Mmm. It really is all in the sugar.

Here’s just a quick excerpt from the movie that explains exactly what’s up with Jamba Juice (like 34 teaspoons of sugar).

But wait, there’s more.

For those who are seriously into learning more about the hidden sugars in their diet, this New York Times article will make you sit up and think twice about that seemingly safe little white crystal.

dental >>> How to Stop Eating Sugar <<<

Could someone you know benefit from a comprehensive dental assessment?


dental >>> Yes, Find Out More Here <<<


Most new patients to Dental as Anything enjoy their first experience with us by having our signature service, the Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment, or COHA as we like to call it.

If that’s you, or someone you care about, check it out or share this link.

>>> http://landingpage.dentalasanything.com.au/ <<<

We want people to feel their dental fears and go to the dentist anyway. Why? Because it could just save their life.

We offer flexible finance for dental treatment fees. Yes, really.

One thing we love being able to do is remove the barriers to our patients receiving the best possible dental care.

We recognise that treatment fees can often cause people to delay, or never complete, much needed treatment.

In addition to offering flexible finance arrangements for patients receiving more complex treatments, our patients now have access to SuperCare.

SuperCare is a way that patients can access their super funds to pay for more expensive dental and orthodontic treatment.

Learn more about flexible finance arrangements here.

Yes, we’ll be open during the Commonwealth Games!

While we’re super excited and proud the Gold Coast is hosting the Commonwealth Games from 4 – 15 April, we also realise there’ll be a lot going on in our part of the world; some of it even a little disruptive.

Just so you know – Dental as Anything will be open during the Games.

Yes, Dr Mark will still be commuting from Brisbane (maybe just a tiny bit earlier – we think so he can enjoy more morning coffee time).

If you have any concerns about an upcoming appointment, be sure to let us know. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate you.

Happy Easter and stay safe over this busy time.


The Dental as Anything team

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