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Oral Health Therapist

Nickname: Den-Zen

If there was ever a place of zen in dentistry, Sheena would be there

Why we love Sheena: Sheena’s approach is balanced and calm, and who doesn’t want more of that?

What’s her back story:

Sheena’s journey to dentistry started young. At just seven years old, some challenges with her teeth meant visits to lots of dentists and even a couple of oral surgeons thrown in just for good measure. And while it could have been a completely different story, Sheena came out with beautiful teeth, a gorgeous smile, and a clear goal: That she would work in dentistry and give others the same experience. And here we are!

What makes Sheena tick?

As the kind of young lady who likes to keep her eye on the finish line (yes, our Sheena is a goal setter and getter), Sheena has no sooner accomplished one learning goal, and then she’s onto the next. Let’s just say Sheena is a happy learner and will always bring her very best to work with patients.
I think patient feedback is such a really good gauge of how well I’m going. I know that when someone tells me they almost feel asleep because their treatment was so relaxing and gentle, I’m definitely doing something right.

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